Crack-Resistant? Really?

Any company promoting a highly crack resistant in the decorative concrete industry is considered “full-of-it”.

“Hot air”, “lies” or whatever term you may want to call it would be the standard response from most contractors and other companies.  It’s not until you actually try Graniflex™ and watch how it holds up through a few brutal Winters that you actually believe what we’ve been saying.

Forever flexible with 590% elongation, this exterior/interior rubber membrane system is what contractors are turning to for not only for crazy durability but for quick turn-around times.

Curing as tough as the tires on your vehicle inside of the concrete (up to 1/4″ down), this is one decorative coating system that you’ll never have to worry about coming off!

Isn’t time you looked further at what Graniflex™ from The Concrete Protector can do for you and your customers?

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