Revolution 360 Bagger

The Pulse-Bac® Revolution 360 Bagger is strong, durable and maneuverable vacuum and bagging package. Made of 12 gauge steel and powder coated to prevent rust, this new bagger allows the user to grab and go from any direction and the 360 glide design dances around corners and through doorways.

Equipped with our patented bagging system, the Revolution Bagger’s Easy Empty Valve System allows you to dump dust and debris without needing to turn off the vacuum. In less than 2 minutes, the user can remove the 15 mil. OSHA approved resealable bag and replace it with a new one without ever turning off the vacuum; no other vacuum can do that. Unlike baggers that use longopacs that require you to tear them off and tie them, causing dust to spill on to the floor or into the air, our resealable Ziploc tied bags keep the dust inside the bag, off the floor, and out of the air.

The Pulse-Bac® Revolution Bagger is lightweight, easy to transport, and can be fitted with any Pulse-Bac® 1000 series vacuum. Equipped with 5, 2 inch non-marking casters, the Revolution Bagger can be scooted across any floor surface with ease.

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Patented Easy Empty Valve

The Pulse-Bac® Revolution 360 Bagger’s dump valve has our patented Easy Empty Valve System. When the valve is opened to release the collected material, the vent ports allow airflow into the vacuum container.

This has 2 benefits:

1) Dust won’t escape keeping you and the air clean.

2) The vacuum can keep running without the bag being sucked in towards the tank.