correctional_blue-01Corrections is a growing sector in America, with more private and public prisons being constructed every year. Correctional facilities are large spaces that include offices, cells, shower rooms, processing stations, hallways, corridors, dining halls, walkways, and more. All of these areas work together to make a functional and efficient correctional facility. One important factor all of these spaces have in common is the need for a durable, long-lasting, and safe floor. High quality flooring is an important part of any correctional facility and Concrete Protector products can provide them.



Another important requirement of correctional facilities is the need for safe, low maintenance floors. Regardless of space, correctional facilities are always operating. This means a lot of foot traffic and many opportunities for slips, falls, and other accidents. For correctional facilities to be fully functional, they need to work to prevent these accidents from occurring. To prevent these types of accidents, The Concrete Protector offers slip-resistant coatings and texture additives to make floors that are protective and safe for regular traffic.


Correctional facilities need heavy duty floors that are capable of standing up to high traffic and common hazards associated with these facilities. Corrections facilities are operational 24 hours a day, meaning their floors are in constant use. Because of these conditions, correctional floors coatings that are strong, durable, and long-lasting. When your facility runs all day, every day, you need a floor that can keep up. Whether it’s a particular room or an entire facility, Concrete Protector products produce high-performance, high quality heavy duty floors that will stay strong under even the most extreme circumstances.

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