The recommendation is to wait for 28 days for your concrete to properly cure before applying any of our systems.

Dry times vary greatly an it all has to do with temperature and air movement.  On interior projects, it’s best to plan on coming back the next day to proceed to the next step.  On exterior projects, wait until the texture is dry to the point of not leaving marks when lightly pressing with your fingernail (you will see texture go from a darker wet look to lighter dry look as it is drying).

Do not apply texture when slab temperature is 55 F or lower & consider adjusting your schedule in extreme hot temperature conditions.  When exterior temps are 95 F or higher, you may have problems with fast set times, and an ideal bond may not be achieved on a scorching hot slab.

Open HD Resin Concentrate, stir with a broom handle, pour half of it into another bucket, add equal amounts of cool, clean water and stir.

Mix 3 - 5 minutes with a fold and stir blade until texture is smooth and clump free.

Your water hose and nozzle is all that is needed when cleaning off your tools/drill.

We sell a special fiber-reinforced decorative concrete tape called "Design Tape".

Our cementitous systems can be applied to any sound, clean and properly prepared concrete substrate as long as the temperature is in recommended range. Works for both for interior or exterior applications.

Depending on the type of stain that you’re making, methods vary. For example with our Rustic Concrete Wood stain, the ratio is typically 1 part stain concentrate mixed with 4 parts water. With our “Natural Mineral Stains”, we normally mix 1 part “Mixed Resin” with 3 parts water and mix mineral pigments into that.