Klindex 650 Propane

DCS system with 3 heads, allows short time in surface preparation, even in the most severe environments. With its 3 heads DCS system HERCULES 650 Propane is a very efficient concrete grinder. Hercules 650 Propane combines performance and reliability of Klindex grinding and polishing machines with the flexibility of propane motor. Hercules 650 Propane allows independence from generators or power lines. This robust grinder combines its weight with a working section of 650mm, providing high productivity rates and constant performances. Hercules 650 Propane is great for outdoor applications where there is limited or no power options. Of course you also use the machine indoors, with good ventilation.

• No electricity needed
• Exclusive DCS system
• No hassle of getting tangled in cord
• No need of a generator
• Accurate and reliable adjustable
planetary speed
• Low operating vibration
• Indoor and outdoor
• Dry or wet grinding
• Standard 12 Gallon Water Tank
• Tempered steel gear transmission


Klindex Extrema

Floor Model

Perimetric grinding and polishing machine with double counter-rotating head. Klindex’ patented 360° directional wheels that allow to move the machine in any direction also along the edges. Ergonomic handle permits standing up working position to avoid back pain and sore knees! Dust free working. Very balanced counter rotating double disc.
*Complete of water tank, splash guard and velcro backed pad holders.

• 220 Volts
• Dust-free
• Weighs 132 lbs.
• 2.5 HP Motor
• Tool Speed of 1000rpm
• 12 Inch Wide Working Path
• 8 Gallon Water Tank


Small Bucket Mixer

Floor Model

Mixer - Bucket Mixer, 1/2 HP - includes ring and paddle

Convenient mixer for mixing materials in 5-gallon closed pails. The handle/motor assembly adjusts along the center line of the pail to align with the opening in pail lid.

Bucket NOT Included


Large Bucket Mixer

Floor Model

Floor Model

Mixer - Batch Mixer - includes casters, wheels and single fin blade (Bucket NOT included)

These extremely versatile direct-drive mixers have dozens of applications. They provide thorough and accurate batch mixing of liquids, powders, pastes, slurries, and granular materials. The rotating drum container is removable and easy to clean. The stationary mixing paddle provides both radial and
axial action, and it scrapes the side and bottom of the drum for complete mixing. The wheels and handle enable easy movement.


Wagner Meter-Full Kit


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