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How We Do It: By Providing Expert Training and Fanatical Support in The Concrete Polishing And Coatings Industry.

What Makes Us Unique? Free Expert Training, Free Fanatical Support, FREEking Awesome Marketing.*

The Concrete Protector distributes products, equipment and training to protect, repair and design concrete and has developed an amazing business opportunity that is in high demand and is 100% free to learn.  The company was started by contractors for contractors that want to be successful without having to learn everything the hard way and try to reinvent the wheel. In 1999, Joe Quick and his brother L. J. decided to start a decorative concrete installation company.  They had already been in business for many years with a commercial pressure washing company (focusing on washing exterior concrete for commercial stores and restaurants, such as Wal-Mart and Cracker Barrel) and thought it made great sense to not just clean the concrete but to protect, repair, and design it.

After two years of installing decorative concrete products, the opportunity became available to distribute decorative concrete products as well as start a training facility.  During this time they started developing some industrial coatings such as epoxies and urethanes to add to their already profitable decorative concrete product lines. They called the brand Artistic Concrete Coatings.

The installation business as well as the training business was very successful leading the brothers to divide and focus on the different sides of the company’s growth. L.J. focused on the installation side while Joe developed the product distribution side with both focuses having their own dedicated staff. Joe started developing products to meet the specific needs for the installation projects that L.J. was working on. Every time a new problem would arise the brothers would collaborate on what kind of tool or new product they could use to fix that specific issue. This created a process and system that provided everything contractors needed to protect, design, and repair concrete for the widest variety of applications.

In 2009 Joe developed a new environmentally friendly sealer that was chosen to protect the oldest concrete street in America. In July of that year, all products named Artistic Concrete Coatings were changed to The Concrete Protector.

The Concrete Protector continued to develop a full line of class A affordable, environmentally friendly products and equipment to transform existing concrete to look like wood floors, marble, tile, granite, slate, and more for significantly less than the cost of these other materials.  Since then, the decorative concrete industry has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry attracting many people from all over the world to attend The Concrete Protector’s free training courses.

The continued growth and training of successful contractors led to the recent multi-million dollar acquisition of a 30 year-old Indiana Company, Sani-tred. Sani-tred manufactures rubberized coatings that permanently waterproofs and repairs basements, pools, ponds, fountains, roofs, tanks, decks, high traffic floors, driveways, and more. No other product in the coatings industry offers more potential money making applications for contractors. With the addition of Sani-tred’s manufacturing technologies The Concrete Protector has created the world’s one and only highly crack resistant decorative concrete repair system called Graniflex.

In 2014 The Concrete protector made the move to their new corporate headquarters in the previous Fifth Third Bank building in downtown Wapakoneta. The move provided 13,000 square feet allowing The Concrete Protector to build a state of the art training facility to provide extensive hands on training for new contractors.

In 2015, The Concrete Protector’s Graniflex system won the Most Innovative Product award at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, NV. Then the streak began by winning the Most Innovative Product award in 2016 for Quick Patch, 2017 for PolyHard, and 2018 for our Scientific Concrete Polishing system.

When Joe was asked what made The Concrete Protector different he said “Our goal as a product and equipment supplier is to ensure the success of our customers. Our customer’s success is our success! Our customers get results they can depend on through our quality products, best in class equipment, proven marketing, ongoing tech support, and hands on training. Every product we distribute is professionally delivered and carefully installed with proven application techniques.”

The Concrete Protector exhibit has been an annual favorite at: the World of Concrete Exhibit, Pool & Spa Exhibit and the Concrete Decor Show. The Concrete Protector is marketed worldwide and has sold and shipped their products to over 70 countries. They have a Corporate owned distribution facility in Las Vegas as well independent distribution centers in Philadelphia and Czech Republic.


We have helped thousands of contractors in over 70 countries worldwide to start successful business using our "Road Map to Success Model."

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*Free training to use our products and equipment.