Epoxy Neat Coat

Our Epoxy Neat Coat is superior low viscosity two component 100% solids clear aliphatic epoxy. Neat Coat provides excellent abrasion resistance, long lasting protection, as well as chemical resistance. Can be "field pigmented".

Epoxy Base Coat

The Concrete Protector Basecoat is two component 94%(+/-1%) solids epoxy colored protective coating designed for applications where a high solids primer is needed before applying high solids or 100% solids topcoats for build coats over concrete.


The Concrete Protector Super Nova is two component, high solids, colored novolac epoxy. Standard Colors: Light Grey, Med Grey, Red.


Poly 85

The Concrete Protector's Poly 85 is new stand-alone two component polyaspartic aliphatic polyuria utilizing proprietary nanotechnology. Standard Color: Clear

Perfect Poly 90

The Concrete Protector’s Perfect Poly 90 is an UV resistant polyaspartic. Perfect Poly 90 is a topcoat for The Concrete Protector’s GRANIFLEX systems.

This protective concrete coating is fast curing and specifically formulated to be installed in thin mil applications. It is designed for use in all areas where VOC limits are a concern, including Southern California.

ProtectorThane 1000

The Concrete Protector's P1000 is a one component, moisture cure polyurethane, floor coating Sealer. Standard Color: Clear


The Concrete Protector’s GraniSeal is a solvent based, two component. Fast setting-excellent chemical, UV, and abrasion resistance 2 component product (color pack can be added).


The Concrete Protector's ProtectorThane is a two component polyurethane sealer that has excellent characteristics for flexibility, chemical resistance, weathering and UV stability. Standard Colors: Med Gray, Dark Tan, Black.

Poly Hard SL

POLYHARD SL is a low odor, solvent free, self-leveling slurry that works to protect your floor. Polyhard SL is specially formulated to protect against thermal shock, impact, and chemical exposure while providing you with a durable, high performance floor.

Cementitious Coatings

Texture Mix

The Concrete Protector Texture Mix is the most user-friendly, polymer modified protective concrete coating, cementitious product in the industry with unmatched adhesion when combined with our High Density Resin.

High Density Resin

The Concrete Protector High Density Polymer Resin concentrate is a low odor acrylic polymer designed for modifying Concrete Protectors Texture Mix.