Heavy Duty Floors

heavy duty floors_blue-01For high traffic areas that need to withstand heavier use than most, heavy duty floors are a must. For industrial and commercial floors that need extra protection against foot and vehicle traffic, The Concrete Protector offers protective floor coatings that will help your floor stand up to regular use. Using our concrete coatings, you can create a heavy duty floor that can handle even the toughest conditions, from regular foot and vehicle traffic to strenuous industrial conditions. Use our heavy duty floor coatings and see how The Concrete Protector can take care of your floor.


Our heavy duty floor coatings can be customized to fit your client’s environment, no matter their particular needs. With The Concrete Protector, your client will receive a versatile heavy duty floor that can also meet their specific needs.


Concrete Protector products can be applied to virtually surface or environment. Our coatings are extremely versatile and capable of bringing heavy duty protection to any residential, commercial, or industrial building.

Common Uses

•    High Traffic Areas
•    Industrial Buildings
•    Schools
•    Restaurants
•    Commercial Garages

Recommended Flooring System