Fire and Public Safety

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Public Safety facilities, including firehouses, police departments, and ambulance garages, are vital parts of municipalities all over the world. These spaces vary from place to place, but all perform vital functions regardless of location. Public safety facilities need floors that are durable, versatile, and long-lasting and The Concrete Protector has a variety of products that can do just that. Concrete Protector products are versatile concrete coatings that work to protect any public safety facility with unmatched durability and strength.


Maintenance Areas

A major part of many public safety facilities is the vehicle maintenance area. Police, firefighters, and paramedics all drive specialized vehicles that need regular maintenance to keep them operational. These maintenance areas need durable, heavy-duty floors that can stand up to regular foot traffic and chemical exposure like any commercial garage. Because of their extreme durability and chemical resistant capabilities, Concrete Protector products create floors that are perfect for vehicle maintenance areas.


There are numerous different spaces in public safety facilities in addition to vehicle maintenance areas and garages. Most of these facilities include locker rooms, offices, lobbies, even kitchens and sleeping quarters in some cases. All of these areas need long-lasting, heavy-duty floors that can handle the common hazards of each particular area. Instead of mixing different flooring styles, Concrete Protector products are versatile and can meet each space’s individual requirements while still being durable, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting. With slip and chemical resistant coatings, texture, color, and anti-microbial options, Concrete Protector products create strong, high-performance floors that are also cost-effective, making them a great for the budget of many municipalities.

Recommended Flooring System