Concrete Repair and Joint Fill

Quick Fix


Concrete Protector Quick Fix is a fast-drying two-component polymer for your concrete repair needs. Quick Fix is a concrete repair system that comes in a two gallon kit and is used to fix small holes, pits, and interior hairline cracking.

Protector Flex Joint Fill

ProtectorFlexJointFill Box

Protector Flex Joint Fill is a two-component, 100% solids, 100% reactive epoxy that has been formulated to fill joints or saw cuts. Protector Flex Joint Fill remains flexible even after curing! Our Concrete Joint Fill meets ASTM specification C920, type M, grade P that has approximately 85% elongation and meets all USDA guidelines for use in federal inspected facilities.

Quick Patch

TCP_QuickPatchABIntroducing SANI-TRED® Quick Patch, a quick curing two-component liquid applied polyurethane concrete repair product designed to repair concrete and masonry substrates.


flexkrete-wilmington-delawareEXPANSION JOINTS: To repair breaks at expansion joints, a spacer board can be inserted into it. FlexKreteTM the edges and immediately tap the end of the board to remove it. Then, seal joint. Always retain the expansion joint to allow continued movement.

COLOR MATCHING: Less sand gives a more gray color, and more sand makes more tan. By adding fumed silica, a gray-er color will be attained. FlexKrete Clear TM will allow the “wet” colors of various aggregates to be dominant. For example, Black Beauty will allow for a brilliant black color, and color quartz will amplify their own color.