Our Dream For You

Hello my name is Joe Quick, CEO of The Concrete Protector.  I think a lot of you reading this page are like me . . . dreamers.  Almost 20 years ago, I was living in a run down trailer, with no money, no job, and no prospects.  All I had was a dream.  A dream that I could succeed, be my own boss, be financially independent and take control of my life.  The reality was that without a plan to succeed (and some help along the way) my dream would have stayed just that . . . a dream.

I know what it feels like to wonder if your dream will ever become reality.  At 21 years of age I walked into the local bank and shared my dream of business ownership.  As they were escorting me out laughing I said, “someday I’ll own this bank!” (more on that later).

I spent years building a business with little support, through trial and error, and having to learn the hard way.  I worked with concrete companies who just wanted to sell me a package without any ongoing support.  Their poor marketing forced me to develop my own marketing plan . . . a plan which built my decorative concrete company into a multi-million dollar business.  The other companies sold me products that failed or were inferior, so I developed a line of products that gave my clients the looks they were seeking while building a reputation for their quality.  Along the way, I developed technical support for my contractors so they wouldn’t have to go through the same difficult trial and error lessons that I had to go through.

Other companies provided poor or no equipment which forced me to spend time and money I didn’t have searching for quality equipment.  We have spent years finding or developing the best equipment in the industry.  In addition, we have worked to get flexible leasing options to get you to work without the upfront overhead.

I realized that the key to my dreams was not a company or a product but helping others realize their dream.

In 2014, I purchased that bank building I told you about and established a 26,000 square foot headquarters to train and support The Concrete Protector partners.

This enabled us to have a state of art the training facility where we can provide the most extensive hands-on decorative concrete training in the industry for free. Why for free you ask?  Because we know when you see the depth of our organization you will be sold.  We aren’t trying to just sell products, training or equipment.  We are looking to partner with entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality.  It happened for me, and we’d love to see it happen for you!

We don’t succeed unless you succeed!