Fast Turnaround

fast turnaround_blue-01Our decorative flooring systems are easy to apply and have a fast turnaround rate. Your business can’t afford to have a lot of down time and our flooring systems can be installed often in a single afternoon. Instead of losing days of business or productivity, choose our fast turnaround floors to get your place of business back and running sooner. If you have a space that needs a durable floor installed with a quick turnaround time, The Concrete Protector is the choice for you.

Quicker Installation

Concrete Protector coatings and floor systems can be installed rather quickly without sacrificing quality. If your client wants a top-quality floor that can be quickly installed without much downtime, Concrete Protector products are exactly what they’re looking for.


Added Customer Value

With Concrete Protector products, you can provide your clients with floors with a quick installation and fast turnaround. By applying our quality coatings and doing so in a timely fashion, you will give customers a superior floor with the added value of fast turnaround. This will only improve their view of you and your work.

Common Uses

  • Malls
  • Stores
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Residential Floors

Recommended Flooring System