Authentic-Finish With CP Acid Stain CP Acid Stain delivers the authentic look and feel of slate, marble, stone, or anything your clients could desire in their concrete solutions. Transform your existing interior/exterior concrete surface with one of our most popular designs, such as Tuscan Slate or Grand Flagstone, and finish it with one of our
LAS VEGAS, Nevada – After COVID-19 forced the 2021 World of Concrete to be rescheduled, the annual convention for the concrete industry is back in full-swing this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Our Warrior Team is in attendance to provide information on our top of the line concrete grinders, vacuums, scrubbers, generator and even offer a chance to win
remove industrial coatings with ease using CP Stripper!
The Concrete Protector’s CP Stripper is a roll-on coating stripper which is biodegradable, very user-friendly and environmentally safe. It is highly effective in removing even the toughest and most durable industrial coatings, such as urethanes and epoxies from surfaces like metal, wood, masonry, brick and especially concrete. CP Stripper provides superior stripping capabilities to lift
Luminosity is our new proprietary radiant pigment with Holographic Color Shifting Technology. Luminosity pigments refract microbursts of color & light like a prism producing a rainbow effect that will blow your customers away. Luminosity is a perfect way to add an extra dimension to your decorative concrete floors. Our industrial-grade polyurethane-coated glitters are solvent resistant