Pool deck
Whether it be residential or public, a swimming pool is a refreshing break from the summer heat! Protecting the concrete surface around the water is essential and gives a better experience to everyone enjoying the pool. When it comes to making the surface slip resistant, crack resistant and even cooler to the touch, GRANIFLEX™ is
Concrete floor prep can take more time than you have quoted the customer. Stop losing time and money with one of the best concrete floor grinders in the industry…the Samson from Warrior Equipment! The Warrior Equipment Samson 2618 is a fully gear-driven, four-head, 26.18” concrete grinder. Ideal for concrete surface preparation, epoxy terrazzo and coating
When it comes to installing an epoxy overlay on a concrete floor, the last thing you want is a footprint showing through all your hard work! The Concrete Protector offers two kinds of spiked shoes that will keep that floor looking flawless. The first kind of spiked shoe is the buckle. Buckle Shoes are standard
Are you tired of looking at that old, dull concrete floor in your home or business? The epoxy flooring artists at the Decorative Concrete Kingdom are ready to give you an Italian Marble Transformation! Italian Marble is a timeless flooring option that has graced the finest castles, mansions and hotel lobbies for centuries. The Italian