Science & Technology

science_blue-01Scientific and Technology flooring are highly specialized floors that need to be both high performance and sanitary to be effective. Science and Technology areas, including laboratories and research facilities, need a floor that is strong, durable, and capable of withstanding foot traffic and exposure to all kinds of hazards. Concrete Protector coatings are the perfect choice for science and technology floors and will provide these spaces with a floor that can protect your floor as well as those who use it.



High Performance

The Concrete Protector offers a wide variety of coatings for science and technology floors. Our coatings produce high performance floors that will protect and design your industrial space with versatility and durability that other flooring products simply cannot match. Our floor coatings are durable, high quality flooring materials and are the perfect fit for science and technology floors. With customizable material, texture, and color options, Concrete Protector products can be customized to fit the needs of your industrial space.


For industrial spaces that need a durable, long-lasting floor that is also hygienic and fit for scientific research, you need to find the right flooring material. Other flooring options can’t match the safety and hygienic capabilities of The Concrete Protector. Many scientific and technology areas need a space that is free of dust and bacteria to perform their particular duties. Concrete Protector products are low maintenance, dust-free, hygienic, and safe for regular foot traffic, protecting your floor as well as your employees. For long-lasting, durable, and hygienic floors that can be customized to meet your needs, choose The Concrete Protector.

Recommended Flooring System