Drum Vac Series

Need to collect a lot of debris or material in a solid, durable container? Pulse-Bac® Drum Vacuums are designed to do just that. Our industrial Drum Vacuum systems use an Extender 55/40 that allows the vacuum head to be placed on top of any standard 55 or 40 gallon drum. Each drum vac extender is powder-coated and made from 16 gauge steel. Extenders also include our exclusive Cyclonic Debris Management System. Drum vacs can be fitted with any 1000 series vacuum head and are available with a 2” or 3” inlet. The Drum Vac option features a 55 or 40 gallon drum, powder coated for durability and 1000 lb four caster dolly. An optional tank capacity sensor is also available on all 1000 Series heads.

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