Start Up F.A.Q

The first step is to contact The Concrete Protector and sign up for our FREE two day training class. At this class, you’ll connect with your Business Development Representative, learn Concrete Protector systems and installation techniques, and learn more about The Concrete Protector. By attending training and connecting with The Concrete Protector team, you can take the first step in starting your own decorative concrete business. FREE Two Day Training Class.

While experience in the decorative concrete industry is helpful, we also work with many who are brand new to the industry. By attending our FREE two day training classes and connecting with your Business Development Representative, you will have the knowledge and support needed to get started with your business. FREE Two Day Training Class.

Depending on the services you’re planning to offer, the number of employees you need will vary. If you’re looking to do small residential jobs to start out, you can complete jobs with 1-2 employees. For larger jobs or as your company grows, remember to hire more employees to meet the needs of your customers.

Concrete Protector flooring systems and coatings can be installed very quickly, with floors often drying in a few hours for quick turnaround. FREE Two Day Training Class.

The Concrete Protector offers all types of services and products to help you start and run your business. The Concrete Protector offers marketing materials, equipment packages, technical and business development support, and FREE training to help you along the way. Free training classes and an initial meeting with your Business Development Representative will get you started. From there, you can contact our expert marketing department for customized marketing materials to help you market to potential customers and set up future jobs.

Once you have some jobs lined up, contact your Business Development Representative and they’ll help you purchase the equipment you need to get the job done without buying something you don’t need yet.

Typically one can expect to be in a positive cash flow within just a few projects. In reality, it comes down to the amount of your initial investment in equipment and marketing material and the size of the projects you start out doing. For example, spending $10,000 in equipment and only doing a couple of 100 sq. ft. patios would not put you into a positive cash flow situation right away. Spending $10,000 and landing a 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse floor for your first job would put $40,000 in your pocket on that one job alone, depending on what you charge and your labor expenses.

Average start-up equipment costs depend on what you want to focus your business on. Someone looking to just start a “wash & seal” or small exterior concrete coatings business would only be looking at around $1,500 - $3,000 initial investment. Someone looking at starting a residential epoxy flooring or interior/exterior concrete coatings business may be looking at around $6,000 - $8,000 investment.

Large scale industrial jobs will require a higher starting investment of $15,000 or more.

No. By starting your own business with the ongoing support of The Concrete Protector, you have the opportunity to run your own business with superior products and top-notch customer support without any burdensome restrictions. With The Concrete Protector, there are no franchise fees, no royalties, and no contracts. Just your business enjoying a great relationship with our business. Because we know that once you’ve done business with us and used our products, you’ll keep coming back to enjoy the benefits.

The cost of starting your business depends on how much you want to invest. We have packages for all types of situations and will work with you to find the right equipment package for you and your business.

We suggest making an initial investment in marketing materials that will help you get jobs right away. Once you have jobs lined up, you can then contact your Business Development Representative and they will help you find the right equipment and materials to complete the jobs without buying anything you don’t need. Our Business Development Representatives aren’t just sales people trying to make easy money, they’re truly there to help you grow your business with expert advice.

Job sizes will vary from customer to customer, but on average you can expect jobs between 800 and 1000 sq. ft. for most residential installations.

Most residential jobs can be completed between 1 and 2 days. Larger commercial and industrial jobs will obviously take more time.

Yes. Starting your own business means you can determine how much time you want to invest in it. If you currently have a day job and only want to run your new business part time, we will help you reach your modest goals. Over time, as you line up more jobs and you have the opportunity to run your business full time, our Business Development Representatives can help you make this transition.