Pulse Bac 575

The Pulse-Bac® 575 has an efficiency rating of 98.00% at .3 microns and has an excellent CFM flow rate up to 140. As with all Pulse-Bac® models, the 575 comes with the patented Pulse-Bac® technology that protects the vacuum’s filters. Pulse-Back® vacuums also include the Cyclonic Debris Management System to prevent dust and debris from constantly clogging the filter. The Pulse-Bac® 575 features a 15 foot crush-proof hose that is self-locking, has H-13 filters, and an optional automatic tool start device for use with power tools.

The Pulse-Bac® 575 is an excellent dedicated dust collector for use with hand-held power tools, vacuuming commercial carpets, cleaning hard surfaces, and general cleanup work. It is also ideal for use with surface preparation equipment to make cleaning up your job site easy and safe.

The Pulse-Bac® 575 is based on the revolutionary Pulse-Bac® system that automatically and systematically flushes the vacuum’s filters using only the vacuum and ambient air, allowing you to continue working without having to stop to clean the filters. The Pulse-Bac® system allows you keep your filters clean of debris and dust to maintain peak performance and suction, saving you time and effort.

Pulse-Bac® Technology frees you from having to deal with outdated systems like BLOWERS, COMPRESSORS, and SHAKERS while providing you with a revolutionary system that outperforms all other job vacuuming equipment. Simply turn your Pulse-Bac® on and let Pulse-Clean Technology take care of the rest.

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