Low Odor

low odor_blue-01One concern many home and business owners have when installing epoxy floors is the odor the coating may give off. Concrete Protector coatings are low odor and can be installed in countless spaces to provide you with a floor that is durable but doesn’t give off a strong odor. Even during application, our coatings produce only a slight odor, making it safe to apply in any environment. With proper ventilation, Concrete Protector coatings produce safe and efficient floors for your home or business.


In addition to being a low odor and versatile flooring option, Concrete Protector products also create durable floors capable of withstanding all kinds of abuse. Our coatings have unbeatable durability and will give your client a one-of-a-kind durable, safe, chemical resistant floor.


Concrete Protector products can be applied to virtually surface or environment. Our coatings are extremely versatile and capable of bringing heavy duty protection to any residential, commercial, or industrial building.

Common Uses

•    High Traffic Areas
•    Industrial Buildings
•    Stores
•    Residential
•    Schools
•    Restaurants

Recommended Flooring System

Many of our systems can be low odor using topcoats like our Perfect Poly 90 Sealer.