Pulse Bac 3690

The Pulse-Bac® 3690 produces 690 CFM with 110” of lift, and weighs only 208lbs. That is on average 70% lighter than other industrial vacuums with similar performance. The 3690 supplies all the power you need in a lightweight, portable package without the added headache of a per-separator and trailer. This makes the work day easier and more productive, saving you time and money.

The Pulse-Bac® 3690 uses Pulse-Bac’s Automatic Pulse-Clean technology to keep the filters clean and clear to ensure consistent suction. The fully automatic system features HEPA filtration that does not require the user to stop work to push a button or shake a plunger; there is no disconnecting the hose to seal the vacuum inlet and no compressor or other equipment to add extra weight, virtually NO DOWNTIME.

HPLM Series of Vacuums are design to collect large amounts of dust generated by surface preparation equipment like floor grinders and polishers, floor sanders, shot blast machines, concrete cut off saws and the like. These units comply with 2016 OSHA regulations when used to control Silica and are designed to be easily moved and maneuvered with no pre-separators or trailers needed like competitors machines.

HPLM (High Performance Low Mass) Series vacuums are ideally suited for use as dedicated dust collectors for one process machines in manufacturing or industrial settings. The HPLM Series is also well suited for sanding, grinding, abrasive blasting, capturing minerals, silica dust, carbon, black, toner, plastic, and composite dust, as well as talc and food additives, plus much more.

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