Pulse-Bac® 2050

Pulse-Bac 2050 is a HEPA vacuum with a filter fractional efficiency rating of 98.0% @ .3 micron at a CFM flow rate up to 311. The 2150 model comes standard with Pulse-Bac® Technology, our Cyclonic Debris Management system, Tank Capacity Sensor, 5 ea HEPA H-13 filters, non-marking casters and the universal bagger.

The Pulse-Bac® 2050 is an industrial grade vacuum that can be used for fine, non-combustible powders or as a dedicated continuous dust collector for manufacturing machinery and surface preparation equipment 30" in diameter and larger. Available in a single phase 220 volt or a 110 volt, the 2050 vacuum uses a patented bagging system that is designed to allow for continuous operation.

This patented design allows users to fill, remove, discard, and replace the bad without needing to shutoff the vacuum and stopping production. In addition, the 2050 comes with an industry first, a Tank Capacity Sensor. The TCS warns the user when the collection tank is full and needs to be emptied. Once full, a flashing LED and audible alarm begin to warn the user the tank is full and needs to be emptied. If the tank is not emptied in a timely manner, the vacuum will shut off. Once the collection tank is emptied, the power is restored to the vacuum. The 2050 can fit through any standard size doorway or freight elevator and has four non-marking casters for easy moving.

Our revolutionary design in vacuum filtration automatically flushes the filters clear while you work, using only ambient air and vacuum. This stops the filters from facing with dust or debris and clogging during operation. Maintain peak performance with NO BLOWERS, SHAKERS, COMPRESSORS or BUTTONS to push. Just turn it on, Pulse-Bac® technology does the rest.

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