Heavy Duty Rubber Flooring

SANI-TRED® heavy duty rubber floors are durable, high-performance, and versatile flooring materials that you’ll definitely love.

In commercial and industrial environments, Sani-Tred's heavy duty rubber floors are excellent flooring options. Sani-Tred products are extremely versatile and can be installed in any industrial or commercial environment. Our heavy duty flooring products are fast-setting, high-performance flooring materials that can protect any environment from foot and vehicle traffic, chemical exposure, and other common hazards.

Heavy Duty Textured Floor-1


Durable and Safe Floors

SANI-TRED®'s heavy duty rubber floors are extremely durable and also safe for employees and customers alike.

Our heavy duty rubber floor coatings are capable of withstanding all types of abuse while leaving your industrial space with a floor that is textured, strong, and safe. From added texture for increased foot traffic to antimicrobial additives for spaces that need a more sanitary environment, SANI-TRED®'s heavy duty floors are safe floors that protect your concrete as well as those who walk on it.

Recommended For

  • Laboratories
  • Industrial Spaces
  • Commercial Areas
  • Restrooms and Locker Rooms
  • Schools
  • Animal Care Areas
  • Kitchens


  • Delivers Unmatched Durability
  • Great Physical Strength
  • Highly Chemical Resistant
  • Stands up to all types of abuse
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Fast installation for quick turnaround