EASYCOVE | Wall Coving

Easycove® is a wall coving base molding pre-formed with DoveLock™ dovetail interlocking bond channels specifically designed with the floor and wall coatings industry in mind. Easycove® uses a highly engineered base molding designed for the resinous flooring industry. It is easily coated, and provides numerous benefits over traditional hand troweled and existing cove base moldings currently available.

Would-be competitors will have a tough time contending with Easycove® Our watertight design protects dry wall, CMU, and other porous surfaces against moisture intrusion and their associated hazards such as mold and mildew.

Easycove®  is manufactured to have an expansion coefficient, similar to epoxy. This feature helps to eliminate cracking and separation between dissimilar materials under thermal cycling conditions.

Easycove® allows for greater convenience , can be mitered at any angle, and thanks to DoveLock™ interlocking channels, it can accommodate any inside or outside angle without needing pre-formed corners.

DoveLock™ Bringing unique engineering to the flooring marketplace.