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Below is a past newsletter that showcases a project of the week. These projects are submitted by contractors like you! Before attending one of our monthly training courses, some had little to no experience in the concrete industry, and now they are creating beautiful concrete designs! We are focused on your success and we have developed a proven business model. With our “Road Map to Success” we will help you step by step in creating a profitable business of your very own.

Even though you don’t hear us talk much about it, our stamp mix is an awesome product for resurfacing existing concrete!  SUPER strong and loaded with fiber, The Concrete Protector Stamp Mix is an easier to use product than similar stamp products: Prep concrete as usual. Prime surface with concentrated HD Resin. Add required water and mix
Project of the week In his first year in the decorative concrete trade, Joe Lydon of Concrete Skins is producing some fantastic projects with The Concrete Protector products.  Check out this Rustic Concrete Wood floor Here’s another transformation Joe did on a front porch with our Texture Mix:             Decorative Concrete Training  If you
Another Successful Training Class! We completed another training last Thursday and Friday with a great group of people.  Even though class was full, we still had fun teaching and getting to know those of you who came!   If you haven’t visited us yet, be sure and sign-up for one of our upcoming classes.  Good times . .

Tips & Techniques – August 2015

Metallic Marble Stains Some have asked why the name . . . Metallic Marble Stains? Many of you already know that this system is not really “staining” the concrete with typical concrete staining methods. Watch this cool video I posted on my YouTube channel a few days ago showing us do our Metallic Marble Stain on a table. Great