Concrete Protector flooring systems are excellent for kitchen flooring and more. The Concrete Protector can protect and design your kitchen floor, countertop, or backsplash with customizable coatings and systems. With endless style, color, and design options, you can turn your kitchen into a unique space that is truly one of a kind.


Our coatings are not only safe for your floor, but for you as well. Our kitchen flooring systems come with texture options to provide the surface with additional grip strength. Our kitchen flooring systems can be customized to meet your needs while still providing the same safety and protection you need.


Concrete Protector coatings and flooring systems are extremely durable and are formulated to last a very long time. When you choose The Concrete Protector, know that you’ll get floors that are safe, customizable, and extremely durable. While other products make these claims, only The Concrete Protector has the products to back them up.

Recommended Flooring System