The Hercules 650 introduces the innovative DCS Systems that combines the feature of two Machines into one.

  • 1 or 3 Phase
  • Variable Speed of Tools
  • Strong Gear Box with Thermo-Hardened Steel Gears
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Auto Leveling Planetary System
  • Unmistakable Italian Design
  • Weight 518lbs.

The Hercules 650 is a top-quality concrete grinding and polishing machine from Klindex, the industry leader. The Hercules 650 operates between 220 and 240 volts (1 or 3 phase). The Hercules 650 is constructed with high-grade materials and has a strong gear box with thermo-hardened steel gears for a longer machine life. The Hercules 650 weighs 518 lbs. and has a 10 horsepower motor that is powerful enough to grind your concrete floor with ease. With tool speeds between 600 and 1300 rpm, the Hercules 650 is a powerful machine capable of grinding your floor quickly and effectively while still producing minimal noise. The Hercules 650 has a 26 inch wide working path that is great for medium sized concrete floors. Unlike other machines that connect to a water hose, the Hercules 650 has a 12 gallon water tank for better mobility when wet grinding concrete surfaces. The Hercules 650 is the first concrete grinder in the world to offer the innovative DCS system. The DCS system allows the satellite grinding diamonds to rotate while the main planetary unit remains stationary. With the DCS system engaged, you get increased satellite speed and a rougher grinding process, which is ideal for scarifying and surfaces that are harder to prepare. With the DCS system engaged, you can quickly remove previous resin and glue for fast aggregate exposure and floor leveling. For standard concrete honing, grinding, and sanding, simply pull the pin to disengage the DCS system and return to the auto-leveling planetary mode. With Klindex, you’re getting the options of two different grinding machines in one superior unit.