GRANIFLEX™ Flakes/Quartz Broadcast System is a decorative, multi-lift, high strength concrete resurfacing system. It is used for environments requiring an attractive, high performance floor or when a concrete floor needs the protection of a moisture controlling system. This fast-setting “bond-like-crazy” flexible membrane is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after coatings on the market today! Flexible Penetration Technology combined with Elongation Memory & Permanent Elongation is just a small part of why this premier coating is making both contractors and homeowners alike say . . . “I Love GRANIFLEX”!

Graniflex flooring is the perfect application for pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, garage floors, basement floors, kitchen areas, restrooms, living areas and more. Useful for both exterior or interior! This Graniflex system is HIGHLY CRACK RESISTANT. The flexible penetration technology of this product never gets brittle over time and cures as tough as truck tires INSIDE the capillaries of your concrete. 1000’s of PERMANENT colorful chip combinations. The look of Granite or Quartz flooring on any surface!


  • Delivers a range of texture variations depending on thickness or number of lifts
  • Great physical strengths
  • Highly chemical resistant
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • Specially blended colored aggregates create a variety of decorative colored looks• Gardner 1 (clear) epoxies available• Typical application of approximately 1/16″- 118″


  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Commercial Areas
  • Restrooms and Locker Rooms
  • Schools
  • Animal Care Areas
  • Kitchens
  • Anywhere an aesthetic concrete re-surface is required

Contractors Love GRANIFLEX™

  • Fast installs! After preparation, ONE DAY from base coat to top seal coat.
  • Interior & Exterior Applications! The dream of every decorative resurfacing contractor…the ability to quickly complete broadcast projects OUTSIDE.
  • NO hours-upon-hours on your hands & knees troweling!
  • · Just the opposite of epoxy.
    • NEVER gets brittle with age (Permanent Flexibility)
    • Fast 1 hour set times
    • Stress-free applications. Long, long…(did we say long?) pot life!
    • No hurry to get mixed product out of the bucket!
    • No worry about color / texture outcome. Give customers exactly what they bought.
    • Sleep well at night knowing that your coating has cured as tough as a truck tire inside of the original concrete slab. The stuff ain’t coming off!

For contractors that have been installing epoxy & polyaspartic systems, this Graniflex flooring system blows their mind…the ability to mix in the catalyst/accelerator and just leave it in the bucket and then work with it from there! No stress of being “on the clock” & hoping that your bucket won’t start smoking from the chemical reaction.

Home & Business Owners Love GRANIFLEX™

  • Beautiful Granite-like resurfacing!
  • Fast turn-around times (no need for their surface to be down for extended days at a time)
  • Landscaping not tore-up like would happen on typical concrete tear-out and replacement.
  • Unlimited color options with quartz and flake color blends!
  • Less expensive than replacement
  • Highly crack resistant
  • Unique…not the same old gray!