Radio controlled 6-head counter-rotating grinding machine with adjustable work pressure and variable speed.

  • Manual Drive Option
  • Variable Speed of Tools
  • Strong Gear Box with Thermo-Hardened Steel Gears
  • No Noise During the Work
  • Auto-Leveling Planetary System
  • Unmistakable Italian Design
  • Weight 2,895lbs.

The EXPANDER 1000HD has the best quality/price value and is the best selling Klindex grinding machine on the market. With the EXPANDER 1000HD, you can adjust the working functions of this machine, including:

Planetary turning • Directions Drift Control • Speed of the planetary • Emergency Safety Stop  •Remote Control Optional •One Button system to rotate the planetary of 90˚ to allow a fast and easy change of tools •Strong Gear Box with Thermo-Hardened Steel Gears for a longer life • Adjustable Working Pressure from 1,102 up to 2,756lbs • Adjustable incline of the planetary to allow a bigger frontal cutting • Minimal noise during the work • Third insertable front wheel for easy transport and to load into the van • Battery powered for independent traction when unplugged •  Auto leveling planetary system • Powered planetary lifting

Additional Features:  To prevent working emergencies the machine is engineered to be operated also manually with included special handle and independent manual hydraulic pump.