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Leonidas 2692 (or similar model)

The Warrior Equipment LEONIDAS 2692 is a fully gear planetary, four head 26.92” concrete grinder with an available traction drive system to increase productivity and decrease injury. Ideal for concrete surface preparation, epoxy, terrazzo and coating removal. Also can be used for concrete polishing.

Grind Width26.92inOutlet Voltage220 V, 1 or 3 phase
Head Pressure350-575lbsRPM300-1,460
Fully Gear RoataryFully Gear PlanetaryLED HeadlightUSB Charger

Samson 2618 (or similar model)

The Warrior Equipment SAMSON 2618 is a fully gear driven, four head 26.18” concrete grinder with an available traction drive system to increase productivity and decrease injury. Ideal for concrete surface preparation, epoxy, terrazzo and coating removal. Also can be used for concrete polishing.

Grind Width16.18Outlet Voltage220 V, 1 or 3 phase
Head Pressure264-440lbsRPM300-1,460
Tooling14.09Battery24 V, 40 A
Fully Gear DrivenLED HeadlightUSB Charger

Hum-B Grinder (or similar model)

The Hum-B can cover more square footage in less time, with less effort while focusing on comfort. The ergonomic design allows the user to work standing upright, getting them up off their knees and reducing fatigue, backaches, and job site injuries.

GrinderEdge GrinderDust Port 6,000 RPM Single Speed 2"

SB-6 Shot Blaster

Shot Blaster 6" 110V (or similar model)

The SB-6 Shot Blaster is your lightweight, portable solution for small to medium size jobs. Its various applications make it one of the most veratile surface prep machines available. The SB-6 features an adjustable handle that allows yout o pull or push the unit. This feature allows you to blast in any corner including under shelving and machinery.

Production Capability200-400 Sq Ft/HrCleaning Path6" (15cm)
4" (10cm) Line Stripe Adapter
Housing Construction MaterialManganeseInterchangeable LinersAll
Wheels4 @ 3-1/5 PolyLength16" (41cm)
Height20" (51cm)Width14" (35cm)
Weight120lbs (54Kg)Motor120V - 15Amp - 3.4HP
Shot Capacity15Lbs (7Kg)Shot Impact Force176MPH (283Km/hr)
Blast Clearance From WallSide: 1.25" (3cm)
Front: 10" (25cm)
Rear: 6" (15cm)

30" Magnet Broom (or similar model)

The ergonomically designed M-30 30" Magnetic Sweeper is manufactured with the SB-6 Shot Blaster in mind.

10” rubber wheels mounted in the rear giving you the ability to get in any corner and making the sweeper highly maneuverable.
Powerful ceramic magnet expands the pick-up area beyond the sweeper.
Handle mounted release lever for ease of operation.

Pulse Bac PB 1150

Pulse-Bac 1000 Series (or similar model)

The 1000 Series offers a large array of power and collection options. Designed to capture dust generated by surface preparation equipment, power tools, and for job site cleanup, the 1000 series is ideal for work involving dust from concrete.

Collection20 Gal. Tank/Longopac/ 55 Gal. Drum20 Gal. Tank/Longopac/ 55 Gal. Drum20 Gal. Tank/Longopac/ 55 Gal. Drum
Weight30 lbs.(Head)30 lbs.(Head)30 lbs.(Head)

4.5" Crack Chaser (or similar model)

Gets you off your hands and knees. Safe working position. Increased Productivity. Excellent Dust Control. Easy to Maneuver. Simple to Operate. Patented Dust Control system. Adjustable Cutting Depth 3/4" Maximum.

Power Requirements120V, 15 AmpsGrinderMetabo W9-115
Weight35lbsRequired Blade Size4.5"
Arbor Size5/8"Vacuum Requrements256 c.f.m. minimum


20" Hover Scrubber (or similar model)

This unit features a 2-nozzle spray arm. A versatile unit that can handle many surface cleaning needs.


4,000 PSI Pressure Washer (or similar model)

Professional grade spray gun. 36 inch spray lance with insulated grip fights fatigue. 4 quick-connect nozzles in 0°, 15°, 40°, and soap nozzle. Low pressure chemical injection applies soap effectively. Durable 50 foot steel wire braided hose w/quick connects.

4000 PSI Max Pressure4.0 GPM Max Flow
Powered by a reliable 390cc Honda GX390 gas engine.Triplex Cat 66DX40GG1 Pump
External UnloaderDurable powder coated steel frame with anti-vibration rubber foot and frame cutouts to easily change engine oil.

Warrior Generator (or similar model)

The Warrior Equipment WE-18KW generator is a versatile and reliable solution to provide power to your equipment on the job site. The sturdy 35 horsepower Briggs & Stratton on the WE-18KW provides dependable: 480V, 220V, and 120V power to concrete floor grinders, concrete vacs, power tools, and more so you can get the job done.

The WE-18KW is durable enough for heavy use by contractors and rental facilities. The Warrior WE-18KW is a perfect balance of power and portability that makes it easy to get on and off trailers or trucks without the need for a larger tow-behind generator.

Weight726lbs / 616 lbsVoltage120V/240V/480V
Hz60Phase1 & 3

JXP Burnisher 27" (or similar model)

The Onyx 27" JX7P Propane Burnisher is fast, safe, and reliable. This machine can burnish up to 34,000 sq ft per hour. The floating brush skirt contains dust, as does the vacuum bag attachment. The JX7P leads the industry with its power and 53" less carbon emissions. Another notable feature of this onyx burnisher is the unique Lehr fuel system, which requires no adjustments. The Onyx JX7P features anti-vibration isolators and a low town noise reduction muffler. For a sure thing, the Onyx 27" Propane Burnisher should be your first choice. This machine comes standard with: 603CC Kawasaki Engine, Lehr Fuel System, clutch, emission sensor, and vacuum system with bags.

Burnish up to 34,000 sq ft per hourWatertight electrical enclosure
Quickly exchange 21”, 24”, 27” headsEnclosed belt and pulleys
Tool-less pad driver removalEmission Monitoring System (optional)
Floating brush skirt contains dustLEHR Fuel System requires no adjustments
Industry leading powerInternal vaporizer eliminates regulator freezing
Quick wheel & handle adjustmentIn-line Fuel Filter
Lowest carbon emissions by 53%Lead free lithium-ion battery
Anti-vibration isolatorsHeavy duty steel construction
Low tone noise reduction mufflerRenben industrial-grade bearings

Warrior Ant Floor Scrubber (or similar model)

14 inch battery powered scrubber comes with brush and pad driver. Great for cleanup on small-to-medium prep jobs. Also, cleaning and maintenancing floors to keep them looking new. Available accessories: sanding pads and screens.

Cleaning Width14 inSqueegee Width16.5 in
Brush Width14 inMax Theoretical Productivity9,000 sq. ft per hour
Brush Pressure40lbs MaxBrush Motor1/2 HP
Suction Motor1/2 HPSolution Tank3 gal
Recovery Tank3.5 galBattery24V

CT-51 Walk Behind Scrubber (or similar model)

Solution distribution from brush centre. CWS (Constant Weight System). Exclusive squeegee system assures high performance at low cost. Great Maneuverability thanks to an optimum weight distribution. Recovery tank discharge point and hose at maximum height. Brush replacement without tools squeegee blade can be used on four sides before replacement. AFS (Anti-Foam System). Battery level indicator. ANC (Advanced Noise Control) System. Adjustable Handle - Easy to Use. 

Max Theoretical Productivity3,150 m2/hrCleaning Path700mm
Water Tank Capacity (Solution Recovery)50/53LMax Run Time210 min
Voltage24 V-AhInstalled Power1,550W
Brush Pressurer23KgSqueegee Width1,010 mm
Max Speed4.5 km/hrWeight94.6Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)1279 mm x 735 mm x 1033 mm

Warrior Vac 420 (or similar model)

The Warrior WEV-420 will keep the dust at a minimum, allowing for faster prep time with little clean up. This vacuum operates on a 110V electrical system, with 2.2KW 3HP of power. This vac comes with a self-cleaning feature.

CFM420Lift80 inch
Airwatts5,116Power2.2Kw 3HP
Motor Safety GradeIP54Dimension (mm)35 x 22 x 54

Warrior Vac 670 (or similar model)

The Warrior WEV-670 is top of the line in commercial vacuums and dust recovery equipment. This vacuum operates on a 240V three-phase electrical system, with 7.5KW 10HP of power. It is equipped with a pre-separator and self-cleaning feature. 

CFM670Lift140 in
Airwatts17,168Power7.5Kw 10HP
Voltage3 phase 240VAmpere30A
Motor Safety GradeIP54Dimension (mm)51 x 39 x 69