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Excellent5.0 Based on 717 reviews from review us onChrissy D. ★★★★★ I Love working here!Renew Cleaning S. ★★★★★ JJ is awesome always working hardMaria ★★★★★ Awesome training, learn a lot of new information. Everyone was awesome from the rep Ruben that help us with our training registration. The instructor Dustin was great, answer all questions, share experiences, and stories. Show a lot of information and taught us a lot of things from how to apply and fix things. Chrissi was always on top helping and making people laugh adding that humor to the class as well as Dustin. Making it not be your same old class were you attend and all they are trying to do is to sell you stuff and not really teach you or show you how to do things. All the staff from concrete protector was great, friendly, and helpful through the whole 3 day training. Highly recommend taking their training. Awesome people to meet.Arthur G. ★★★★★ Excellent support throughout the company!!!Very informative and well worth every penny!!!kevin F. ★★★★★ The program was very informative I learned a lot and the instructors were really greatAustin N. ★★★★★ The concrete protector classes are a blast! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing coatings for years or just starting out. They make sure you learn something new without boring you!Ashley A. ★★★★★ Concrete Protector provides top-notch training and products for decorative concrete professionals. Their training programs are comprehensive, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry. With their expertise and quality offerings, Concrete Protector is a valuable resource for anyone looking to achieve outstanding results in their projects.Joshua L. ★★★★★ Dustin was a very great instructor and gave us a lot of information. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to get a hands on experience that has some or none at all. I learned a lot more than I thought I knew and I’m glad I didn’t just watch a YouTube video!!!Aiden H. ★★★★★ I loved this corse so much, very well put together and plenty of hands on experience with the process and finish! 10/10 would say any person in this industry should take the class!Taylor D. ★★★★★ I have been to a few classes and every time i learn more the reps are amazing any time your not sure they are available to answer any questions love the CP CREWNico M. ★★★★★ Quality training built around sales.Tracy B. ★★★★★ Loved the class. Lots of information and great products. Entire staff was very friendly and eager to help. Would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants in the business.Ron H. ★★★★★ Amazing!!From product to materials and equipment.This will be a requirement for all my crew to attend.Best invitational seminar i have ever attended for decorative concrete.tyler R. ★★★★★ JJ was very helpful and knowledgeable. Made our check out process easy and enjoyable.Josh M. ★★★★★ Amazing experience at the Concert Protector training class. Dustin and Chrissy did a great job going over the different equipment and products, while allowing us to get hands on experience. Sales rep Brett has been fantastic to work with, very informative going over the different options and packages available.Joshua M Epoxy VeteranWilo T. ★★★★★ Great training , excellent equipmentLinda S. ★★★★★ Super excited to have learn the process of concrete counting and to know how easy it can be to turn this into a business.Russ S. ★★★★★ Great learning experience. Dustin has the knowledge and experience to talk in a very smooth, informative and authoritarian way in these products and procedures. While there is a lot of info being discussed, you get the basic ideas and hands on to which you can then build upon. Chrissy does a great job as well and is a pleasant and fun person and made for a fun class.Maurice D. ★★★★★ What a fantastic experience. This place has the nicest employees I've ever met. I learned a ton and I am leaving with confidence of the supplies we will be using at 180 Coatings. It's nice to have a one stop shop for concrete coatings. The training was fantastic and thorough, leaving with samples is a huge benefit. Hands on training was a huge help! Great job to The Concrete Protector Staff.Bryce S. ★★★★★ Friendly and knowledgeable staff, Answered my questions and concerns. Great training courseCody S. ★★★★★ JJ was great!Very knowledgeable and helpful.Will be coming back here again.Highly recommended!Abe M. ★★★★★ If you are getting into the concrete coating business or you've already started, do yourself a favor and spend two days with Dustin and his team. I guarantee you will feel more confident knowing you're teaming up with folks who want to see you win. I'm glad I was here!!San B. ★★★★★ great products and training. I am going to be using these products now.Resurrection A. ★★★★★ Excellent training that they build tons of value into.Jason “jablaze818” A. ★★★★★ JJwas awesome thanks!JM N ★★★★★ JJ was awesome and friendly. He treated me nice and offered me water while I worked on his forkliftOlivia P. ★★★★★ JJ!!River D ★★★★★ JJ was fantastic and helpful.LISA H. ★★★★★ JJ was very helpful in recommending the ideals for my garage floor . Answered all my questions . I will definitely be back . Best customer service I have had in a long time will definitely let all my friends and family know , thank you JJ for all your helpDaniel P. ★★★★★ JJ had great customer service. I was very pleased. I would recommend my family and friends.Michelle A. ★★★★★ Jj was so amazing, friendly, efficient!Im so glad I went with the concrete protector, especially because JJ was so helpful.Ryon V. ★★★★★ Communication with JJ is always on point. He always keeps us in the loop when we place orders all the way to receiving products. JJ is a pleasure to work with.Tashinia B. ★★★★★ Always great customer service and great product knowledge!Adrian A. ★★★★★ JJ is the man. Always nice to me when I come in.Trash P. ★★★★★ JJ was very helpfulDomonique S. ★★★★★ Five stars!!! Nothing less. I was satisfied all across the board. JJ was extremely helpful. I’ll definitely refer my family and friends.Monica C. ★★★★★ JJ is hands-down, the best sales person I’ve ever dealt with. He’s always got everything ready when I pick up and he goes above and beyond to help in every wayAnthony ★★★★★ Jj was very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to helping us get the right materials for our projectJuan R. ★★★★★ JJ is a friendly person in the warehouse. I am Juan from Forward Air.Fernando A. ★★★★★ JJ was great thank you👍lisa L. ★★★★★ Was a great place to visitWith JJ Difillippodawn R. ★★★★★ Thank you JJ for the help. You did a great job.Mark A. ★★★★★ JJ is absolutely amazing and very professionalMark A. ★★★★★ facility is clean and organized. JJ prepped my order and everything with epoxy project worked out great! Thanks for the help JJ!Tabitha ★★★★★ great customer service at the vegas location! got me everything i needed and answered all my questions!Laurie D. ★★★★★ JJ was very helpful to me in answering all my questions . Very polite and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to get the product to do the job right .js_loader

Free Decorative Concrete Training

Unlock your creativity with The Concrete Protector's free decorative concrete training. Learn the art of transforming ordinary concrete surfaces into stunning works of art. Our comprehensive training program covers various techniques, including stamping, staining, and epoxy coatings. Whether you're a contractor looking to expand your skills or a DIY enthusiast wanting to revamp your space, our expert instructors will guide you every step of the way. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your knowledge and master the art of decorative concrete. Sign up for our free training today!

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Upcoming Classes in 2023

  • October 5-6 (Coatings Only)
  • November 8-9 (Coatings Only)
  • December 14-15 (Coatings Only)

$299 deposit returned in products of your choice holds your seat. Limited spaces are available. Make your reservation now.

2-day training class hours are 9am - 5pm each days. If a third day is included, the hours for the additional day are 9am-3:30pm.

*Free training to use our products and equipment.

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