What Is Decorative Concrete?

People everywhere are discovering a remodeling secret that uses a material found in almost every home, and business. It’s called Decorative Concrete a newer option that has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry. Decorative Concrete contractors use various chemicals to make existing concrete look like wood floors, brick, marble, tile, granite, slate, and more for significantly less than the cost of these other materials. The best part is the process is non destructive, safe, and environmentally friendly. Concrete can also be easily repaired, waterproofed, and made slip resistant through breakthroughs in this industry.

Consumers can now spend larger parts of their budgets on other parts of their projects. The possibilities are endless imagine transforming an ugly basement floor to a mancave complete with colors and logo of your favorite team, or transforming your driveway, or patio with the appearance of brick or tile.

An estimated 90% of homes and businesses have concrete. With recent media exposure on television channels such as HGTV and TLC, consumers are beginning to discover concrete as a viable decorating option. “There has been an explosion of demand for these services worldwide, people really want the look of luxury without breaking their wallet.” Said Joe Quick Owner of The Concrete Protector. One thing is clear from recent consumer demand people are looking for affordable, environmentally friendly ways to transform their home and increase it’s value and decorative concrete definitely meets that need.

The Concrete Protector has developed a full line of products to Protect, Repair, and Design concrete. We have trained hundred of contractors to apply our product systems expertly. We have helped over 100,000 satisfied customers transform their home, or business. Call or email us today to find a contractor in your area or attend one of our trainings.