Dealing With Ghosting In Concrete

As we transition into the autumn season, we see more and more fall decoration in the stores. I spotted an isle full of ghosts & candy the other day and it inspired me to talk to you about the phenomenon of “Ghosting” When concrete coatings contractors talk about “Ghosting”, they are referring to what happens
The difference between exterior & interior prep Lately I’ve been noticing job pictures from contractors on social media with grinders sitting on exterior slabs during the preparation phase of the project. This has got me wondering how many guys are grinding before laying down texture or GraniFlex? While grinding on an INTERIOR slab & vacuuming
Decorative Concrete Nashville, Tennessee
Premier Edge Concrete Solutions is a professional decorative concrete coatings and structural maintenance company with years of experience. We pride ourselves in using the best materials, providing quality workmanship, and offering excellent customer service all at a value to our customers. Decorative Concrete Grand Rapids Michigan Premier Edge Concrete Solutions has experience working with a
Summit Concrete Polishing & Coatings is focused on PROTECTING, REPAIRING, and DESIGNING Concrete. They are a company that applies Decorative Concrete Grand Rapids, Michigan. They can turn any boring, grey, damaged concrete floor into a beautiful, eye-popping work of art. Not only does a decorated concrete floor look good, it also resists staining, and is easy