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The Concrete Protector Products

The Concrete Protector offers a wide variety of concrete sealant products of the highest quality only. We worked with top notch scientists in the industry in order to create the best products yet! We offer an array of products from indoor to outdoor concrete. Our products are best for residential, commercial, industrial, and artistic concrete applications!

The Concrete Protector’s Penetrating Hydrophobic Sealer

The Concrete Protector Sealer is the best in the market today! It is a water-dillutable penetrating hydrophobic repellent that imparts water repellency to easily clean and protect concrete, masonry, and stone construction materials. It resists salt and water damage, oil and chemical stains and prevents your concrete from spalling, scaling, and cracking. This sealer will penetrate into the pores of the concrete and “glassify” the surface. Our sealer is specially formulated to be environmentally friendly and VOC compliant. It is not harmful to pets, lawn or landscape.

Acrylic Sealer

Acrylic sealer is best applied to decorative concrete, pavements, exposed aggregate, and other substrates when seeking color enhancements and shine. This sealer forms a thin layer to the surface that would protect it from moisture and stains while adding decorative concrete or decorative flakes. This sealer reduces spalling of concrete, dust proof, abrasion resistant, has a glossy look, easily cleaned, and protects decorative concretes!


FlexKrete is an amazingly strong, non-toxic, and odorless concrete repair product! This product can be applied to some of the most severe circumstances such as in highways, where high-speed cars and loaded trucks often break the concrete, in freight terminals, where scraping and crushing brutality of loaded fork lifts cause damage to concrete, and of course,  in areas where concrete has been broken into small pieces. When FlexKrete is applied, it becomes about three (3) times harder than concrete does! Repair and restore your concrete with FlexKrete!

Protector Flake System

Design and beautify your concrete with our Protector Flake System! This product will give you maximum durability, flexibilty, easy-to-clean gloss finish. It has enough texture that makes it slip resistant! This Protector Flake System represents our very best value in premium floor solutions. It has been used in industry maintenance room settings for large manufacturers, fire departments, and numerous residential garages. It has a beautiful custom color and flake size selections where you can choose from granite to quartz flakes that makes the concrete look elegant yet has a natural stone look!

Protector Flake UVR is an outdoor system that is extremely resistant to the effect of UV rays with all of the same durability.

Protector Stain

Advances in coating technology have allowed us to expand our products line to include environmentally friendly, water-based and water-reducible coatings. Protector Stain penetrates the concrete pores and deposits pigment onto the surface of the concrete. It is non-reactive, and it doesn’t contain solvents or even acids. When applied by pump-up or other sprayers, it would usually preferred to as opposed to a monotone, paint-like look! Multi-colored effect can also be obtained by applying different colored stains which would give a playful look on your concrete!

Metallic Epoxy Stains

The Concrete Protector’s Metallic Stain is a new type of Metallic Stain that combines high-tech, nano-pigments with our clear epoxy to achieve an elegant seamless floor with brilliant shine and depth of color!

Here are some contractor programs and advantages of Metallic Epoxy Stains to reflect, enhance and deepen concrete color like never before!

For Your Customer

  • Ultra- High Reflectivity
  • Endless Color choices
  • Seamless Design
  • High Durability
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Eye Catching Color Depth
For the Installer

  • Choice of Clear Epoxy formulations
  • Matched Primer Formulations
  • Sample Packs Available
  • High Customer Demand
  • Demo Chip Packages Available
  • Sample Boards Available
For the Distributor

  • Volume Discounts
  • Free Rack Displayer
  • Matched Epoxy Packages Available
  • Sample Chips
Training and Consulting

  • Monthly Training Schedules
  • Private Training
  • On The Job Consulting
  • Tele-Conference Consulting