Resinous Floors

resinous floors
Industrial spaces handle quite a lot on a regular basis. From heavy foot and vehicle traffic to chemical exposure, there are a lot of threats to these spaces. To keep industrial spaces fully functional with maximum uptime, businesses need highly durable floor coatings that can handle it all and more. For high traffic environments like

Resinous 123 Flooring

resinous 123 flooring
Industrial spaces need extra protection well above the normal need of residential spaces. These spaces handle a lot of stress and hazards on a regular basis, so it makes sense to have a floor coating that can protect against it all. Resinous flooring is the go-to flooring option for many industrial spaces because of its

Sustainable Floors

sustainable floors
Each flooring option comes with its own set of attributes and challenges. While carpet may look great in a bedroom or dining room, its aesthetics are constrained by the material itself. Hardwood is a great looking material, but the use of actual wood isn’t the most environmentally conscious flooring option out there. For those concerned

Low Maintenance Floors

low maintenance floors
The term “low maintenance” is used a lot. Look around your local hardware and you’re sure to see the term plastered all over products. But what does it really mean to be low maintenance? Some “low maintenance” products make this claim frivolously, regardless of how much maintenance their product actually requires. When it comes to

Low Odor Floors

low odor
When choosing a high quality commercial, industrial, or institutional floor, there are a lot of factors to consider. Type of material, aesthetic appeal, durability, and other aspects play a role in what type of floor you choose. In addition to usual flooring requirements, interior concrete coatings have another common concern: odor.  When dealing with an