Creative Concrete Coatings is a family owned and operated company located in Clayton, North Carolina. Their focus is on protecting, repairing and designing concrete.They are trained and certified to install the best and newest concrete coatings on the market. Creative Concrete Coatings offer a wide variety of coatings suitable for residential, commercial and industrial settings. They
Decorative Concrete Winchester Virginia
Decorative Concrete Winchester Virginia Tailored Concrete Coatings, LLC of Virginia is focused on Protecting, Repairing and Designing concrete. They are a decorative concrete contractor located just outside of Winchester, Virginia. They use the full line of products from The Concrete Protector, and we are officially trained and certified to install our products. Concrete Design is their
Most products have temperature limitations (low temps or hot temps) & our Texture Mix is no different.  Spring is usually a time of year where I see guys “jump the gun”, get outside and start trying to put down texture systems (like Rustic Wood) too early. The ideal surface temperature for putting down our Texture
In many of our tech data sheets, you’ll run across this phase under the “Limitations” section: “Substrate temperature must be 5°F above dew point.” What is Dew Point? Why should you care? Simply put, the dew point is equal to the temperature at which condensation begins to form on a surface (depending upon the amount